This set of activities will guide you through initial thinking about a product that you might develop. Our goal is to use the opportunity to practice the kinds of writing that are associated with products. A good first step is taking a broad view of what might be considered a product. For instance, in the article on Digital Strategies, Tom Standage suggests that creating a feeling is what is being "sold" by the digital arm of The Economist, outlining a case where content as well as the service of filtering and distilling information is the product. You might develop similar kinds of services, you could develop a podcast or video series; you might propose an experience; you might have an idea for an app; or you might want to imagine a physical artifact. The products can range widely.

The activity is broken into two key parts: 1) developing a proposal and 2) delivering a presentation. You will deliver your presentation after doing preliminary research and work on the proposal, but we will really be working on these aspects of the project simultaneously.

Conducting Research and Developing a Proposal

Here, you will do all of the preliminary research for the proposal and develop ideas using four key strategies: thinking about the problem and background, detailing the product itself, justifying the product, and talking about logistics. 

Product Pitch

For this activity, you will deliver a presentation to potential supporters for your product. You will provide similar information to what is in your proposal, but distill it heavily and use media to create a five-minute presentation. 

We will work on these activities in class. The proposal is due on February 15th. We will begin delivering presentations on February 8th.

Type of Activity