Create a portfolio video for one of your major projects in the class so far--professional web site, product proposal, or product advertisement. The video should provide a "walkthrough" that will help people understand your composing and revising processes and the learning or growth you have experienced. These videos tend to stretch out in time, so see if you can keep the duration at around 4-5 minutes. If you have a large number of points to make, take the time you need, but don't go over 8 minutes in length.

To get a sense of what you might create, consider these examples:

For your own project, compete these steps:

First, identify a project, and then think about any additional revisions you might make to the project. You can capture aspects of revising to provide the core content of the portfolio video. Consider the ways that these videos can be composed in concert with or to complement the revisions of the project. Gather your thoughts on what strategies might work well both for revising the projects and capturing the process.

Next, experiment with the ways that screen capturing can help you with these videos. You might make an effort to play some of the materials you are revising to help demonstrate them--weaving your narration around the playing of media materials. You might push back against the linearity of this assignment, starting in the middle and moving around through the projects. You can also just experiment with some of video editing tools--animations, masking, new ways of weaving in callouts, etc.

Post your videos using the Portfolio Video One option before class on on March 22nd.

Here are some more examples:

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