This is one kind of writing that never stops--the creation of your self with words, images, sounds, motion, and gesture.

Create a web site to curate and archive online projects and represent your self online. The rhetorical aspects of this project will begin with ethos. The site will be linked with your identity (both professional and personal). Strive for integrity as you make decisions about content and design that accurately captures your experiences, aptitudes and interests. Consider the ways that ethos allows for aspects of your personal identity to also be included in the site. The site should serve to engage the world with your professional profile, but that profile will be even stronger if it offers some sense of you as a whole person.

There are three major components to developing the online site:

  1. Creating a domain and an internet services account
  2. Composing a web site and transferring files
  3. Publicizing the site

As you work through the steps above, you should:

  • gain a better sense of the rhetorical, social, political, and technical aspects of internet addresses and domains
  • develop a basic understanding of web site design and composition using a code-free editor
  • understand the relationships between personal computing devices and internet servers
  • gain a better sense of how social media can be connected to web sites
  • learn strategies for developing an online presence
  • practice productive peer review, response, and revision of web compositions.

will continue to revise our sites throughout the semester. 


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