In this activity, you will develop projects that represent your personal and professional interests. You may already have some of these materials--e.g., a resume. However, you can use what you've learned about business communication and design to make them as compelling as possible. Although you will likely draft and revise these items for the rest of the semester (and should capture artifacts of them for potential reflection), you will only formally submit final versions of these projects by the last day of class--April 26th. You may want to refer to this reading related to the assignment. To complete the assignment, create and submit the following items:

Your personal/professional web site. This project is already underway, so you will be submitting the final version. If you have already completed multiple drafts, the project may be quite close to completion. Or you may still need to make substantial changes. Regardless, work to make sure you are as comfortable with the process of editing, exporting, and transferring files so that you can continue to make changes in the future.

A resume in document form. Either draft or revise a copy of your resume. You can either develop a minimally-designed resume using a word processor or use InDesign to create a version that has more visual and design elements. When finished, you will upload the document to our class site as a document. 

A business card. Use Adobe InDesign to create a business card. You can use a template or design from scratch. Think about what impression you want to convey as you make decisions about how much design to apply. Think also about the kinds of information to include. When finished, you can either upload the document to our class site as a document or provide me with a printed card at the end of class.

One additional item. Choose one of the genres we have worked with this semester--proposal, presentation, video--or another format--e.g., brochure, e-book, flyer, podcast, logo, stationary, video, etc.--and create a project that captures aspects of your professional/personal self. You can pull from the web site and resume, or take this project in new directions. You can submit this item as a document or link on our class web site or make arrangements if it is in an alternative format.

We will work on these projects during the rest of the class. You will submit the items using the Personal Branding posting type. And you will work them into your final portfolio; be sure to save artifacts of capture the process along the way.

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