Create a 30 or 60 second video advertisement for your product. This activity will engage you with video-based composing. We will be using a basic video editing that also allows you to capture materials on your screen--Camtasia. If you wish to use another video editor, you are more than welcome to do so. The instructions below will guide us through the basics with Camtasia. 

First, we will need to install the Camtasia program. Please don't just download any version of the program. Instead we will work with some beta versions that have free trials. Use the links below:

If you are on a PC, start with Camtasia Studio for Windows v8.4.0 90-day Trial =

If you are on a MAC, start with Camtasia for Mac v2.8.0 90-day Trial =

We will start with the downloads above, and then if they do not work I will help troubleshoot to get things going. If you want to use a different program--e.g., Adobe Premiere, iMovie, etc.--you will just need to do your own troubleshooting, etc.

I will go over the basics of Camtasia in class. Follow the steps below to produce your advertisement.

Begin by thinking about the article we read about the Economist. The main point was that in addition to a product, promoting an idea is crucial. You might start by thinking about the ideas that you wish to emphasize in your advertisement,

You can next consider what you've learned from giving your presentations and putting together your proposals. You have lots of information and some sense of what kinds of pitches will resonate with people.

Next, create a storyboard for your video. You can use this template to create your storyboard. You will no doubt make adjustments as you work, but starting with a storyboard will guide you.

Once you have completed your storyboard, begin composing your advertisement. We will work actively in class for the next few periods. When finished, upload your finished video to your video host--YouTube or Vimeo, and then create a posting on our Web site to submit your ad.

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