In this activity, you will begin some of the initial reflections on your work in the class. First, pick one of the two projects we have worked on so far, your professional Web site or your product pitch and proposal.

Next, think over the process you have gone through working on the project, and see if you can pick out a theme that might characterize the work--something like learning from others, problem solving, persevering, discomfort, etc.

Next, look over your files or notes or other materials and identify two artifacts that seem particularly relevant for discussing the process you have gone through or the theme you have identified. 

Finally, while logged into our site, select the Shortcut link at the top, and then Add Content. Select the Showcase item. Give your showcase an initial title, but don't worry about the banner, slideshow, or internal images. Instead, in the body of the Showcase, compose a reflection of two paragraphs. In the reflection, discuss your experience with the project you have identified. Add two images that represent the artifacts you have selected.

When finished, Save the posting. 

Type of Activity


Submitted bykevb99 on Sat, 02/17/2018 - 23:30

              Picture of WebsiteWorking on the website has been a very enjoyable process in which I have full control over how my vision for the website will work out. Even though the templates are limiting in how much you can change, the templates do allow a non-fluent programmer like myself to understand the intricacies of creating a website that I would otherwise not have the pleasure of understanding. The true difficulties that have arisen from this project lie with creating the server and transferring the information. While initially creating my domain, I mistakenly entered the incorrect email address, making so I could not confirm my purchase. So I had to close my account and repurchase a new domain in hopes to move over my files onto the web. However, now that this has happened to me I understand the importance of checking over your work however time consuming it may be.

               In regard to working on the website, the sole issue I had was changing the banner from the generic “John Smith” name and stock picture to my own name and image. Through work with my peers I found out how to edit the stationary part of the website by moving the top image to access the banner. Now my website appears professional and accurate, which I could not have done without working it through with friends. Overall, the website process has been a valuable learning experience that has given me understanding of files, servers and the importance of the internet in the transmission of information.

Submitted byTheopryz on Thu, 02/22/2018 - 04:59

     I found that developing a presentation for my product that acted as a pitch was very helpful and interesting. I know I will have to develop many productions similar to the product pitch in class throughout my future life, and since this was my first one, I feel I have improved not only my public speaking skills, but also my ability to create a precise yet informative presentation so convince others of the necessity of my product. In the making of the presentation, I learned to use visuals without overpowering slides with words or an abundance of material that may be distracting to the audience through problem solving. Problem solving also allowed me to discover how to create and edit a picture with color and shapes in order to display the product to the class. At first, I thought I must learn how to do graphic design, but after some research and problem solving, it became apparent that I could simply import a picture and edit it to the basic design I desired.

     In addition to problem solving, I also learned from fellow peer presentations and comments on my own presentation. Fortunately, I was able to present my product briefly a week before the actual presentation when we worked in groups and agreedPicture of the MorphPillow on a product to present. From the class, I learned that I should include an image of what the product would look like as well as elaborating on why it will be so useful. After observing other presentations, I concluded that I should speak to the market of the product and how my product, the MorphPilow would appeal to the technological aspects of modern society. Overall, I learned how to deliver a precise and convincing presentation that appeals to the audience and is entertaining yet informative.