Using all of the information and experience you have from your proposal, deliver presentation of no more than five minutes about your product. We will deliver the presentations in class and record them so we can improve our delivery. Pay attention to three aspects:

1) Media support. You will use a set of media materials to support your presentation--2 images and 1 (optional) video. During your presentation, you will display the images and play all or a portion of the video. You can set these up on some kind of slides or presentation tool, if helpful, but don't use more than five slides if you do. Also be sure to have at least one visual with your name, potential contact information, and the name of the product.

2) The pitch. You will want to rework all of the information in the proposal to be succinct and easily digestible. You also want to hook the audience and keep them engaged. You might jump right to the problem or a compelling example of a core idea. Distill your research down--perhaps into one of your visuals. Rearrange elements of the proposal format if necessary and narrow down to the keys ideas, articulating them very precisely.

3) Practice and Delivery. You have no more than five minutes, and if you go over the presentation will be cut off. The only way to get the timing right is to practice. Also, remember the advice from item 2 above--short and to the point. For the delivery, you can deliberately integrate engaging activities into the presentation--a question for the audience, a brief exercise with note cards, a quick game of charades. It's challenging but if you know your materials well and practice a lot, you can integrate all kind of things into a presentation and keep people engaged.