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In many ways, social media have become--to use the formulation of media scholar Susan Bordo--like water in a fishbowl. In this analogy, we often fail to recognize the ways the social media surrounding us shape our existence; they are the water and we are the fish. But it's possible to do more than simply swim with (or even against) the current. In this experience, you will create several social media presences that represent your personal/professional online presence.

One challenge is you likely already have multiple social media accounts and personas. As you move toward representing yourself professionally online, you will need to make decisions about which of these to keep, how you might bracket off social media for more personal uses, how your existing personas might evolve, and what new social media presences you might want to develop.

Get Started

First, make sure you have completed the Create a Domain activity. In particular, set up an email address to be associated with your domain. You will use this address as you make decisions about social media accounts.

Next, think about your existing social media accounts and how they might fit with your professional web site. If you already have large following, you might benefit from simply using you existing names. At the same time, if your followers expect more personal activity or you want some separation, or you want a name that is linked more deliberately to your professional online space, then a new account may be in order. For some platforms--e.g., LinkedIn, using a single account may be necessary. For Facebook, it might be that a page or group makes the most sense. Some accounts will be needed to push your online projects--e.g., you will need a video platform to share your work, so YouTube or Vimeo accounts. In step one, you think about your existing social media, survey the landscape of other options, and generate some ideas about how you want to proceed.

Next, identify (or create) accounts for the following:

  • A video account
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • At least on additional social media platform(s) you want to associate with your professional web site. Options include Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Flickr, Snapchat, etc.

Once you have these set up, Edit your account profile--select your name at the top of the site. Edit your social media information to reflect your new accounts. 

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