What's in a domain? Quite a bit, actually. An internet address (like sellwam.com) is really a marker for all kinds of associated technology and activities. First, there are servers--some that host web sites and others that point traffic. Second, there are related internet accounts and services--Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, etc. Third, there's a host of composing activities and technical construction needed for any site. There's even the name of the domain itself to think about. This experience will get you started. 

First, create an account with Reclaim Hosting. (If you already have an account with an Internet Service Provider--ISP--you can skip this step.) You will use this account to create a Web site and some of your projects for the class. Before getting started, you will want to think about the rhetoric of Internet domains. You will also want to brainstorm ahead of time about your goals for the domain you seek to register. We will explore these possibilities in class.

To get started, you will need to have a sense of the registration information you will provide, some idea of the kinds of domain names you will look for, and a method for paying the $30 fee for one year of hosting. Once you have that in place, complete the following steps:

  • Go to the Reclaim Hosting Sign up Page. (Note if you are already paying for an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and you are comfortable installing and maintaining content and systems on that service, you can check with me about whether you need to create a new hosting account.)
  • From the sign up page, select the option you want to purchase. There is no need to purchase more than the $30 per year option. 
  • Next, relying on your experience thinking about domains, check for the availability of the domain you want to  purchase. You will likely need to be creative and try a few possibilities. Take your time since the name you choose will stick with you.
  • Once you have an available domain picked out, work through the registration steps to complete the purchase of your account.

After you have set up your account, you will want to learn about the C-Panel interface of the ISP. We will collaborate to use the major functions of the C-Panel. You can also explore by working with the e-mail tools. To complete the task of creating a domain, add an e-mail account for your domain. You can create all kinds of accounts, but for this one, consider the rhetoric of internet names that we have been thinking about, and then pick something to represent you online or to link with your site needs. 

When you are finished, add a comment to this assignment. In your comment, list the domain of your web site and write a few sentences about the thinking that went into your decisions.


Submitted bypip2095 on Thu, 01/25/2018 - 04:29

The domain of my website is callmepip.com. I chose this for the domain because most people refer to me as Pip instead of Andrew. This nickname is a very big part of my identity and is very recognizable to the people who know me. 

Submitted bycarpar on Thu, 01/25/2018 - 06:48

The domain of my website is carolineparslow.com. It is just my name so that it is easily recognizable to people trying to contact me or get information about me from my website. It allows the website to be personal but at the same time professional. 

Submitted byJoeyHannum on Thu, 01/25/2018 - 18:05

The domain for my website is joeyhannum.com. I'm creating a personal/professional website, so I wanted to make my domain easy-to-remember and unique to myself. Since my name wasn't taken, I decided on that domain. I figured this would allow me to really turn my website into whatever I want it to be.

Submitted bytemplewalston on Thu, 01/25/2018 - 18:13

The domain of my website is templewalston.com. I chose this domain because it is just my name and that makes it very accessible and easy to remember. I am almost positive there is nobody else with my name, therefore there shouldn't be any confusion when trying to find my website.

Submitted bymscurtis on Thu, 01/25/2018 - 18:21

The domain for my website is curtisventure.com.  This will be a blend of both professional and personal. The first word Curtis is my last name which provides a personal element to the website. The second-word venture is described on buinessdictionary.com as a "Start-up entity developed with the intent of profiting financially. A business venture may also be considered a small business." Going by this definition, I feel the word "venture" in the domain gives the website a professional business feel.  Therefore, by combining my last name Curtis with venture this creates the perfect entrepreneurial domain. 

Submitted bylaosanz on Thu, 01/25/2018 - 20:06

Heeling in Harmony is a music performance-based organization serving healthcare centers primarily in the Chapel Hill/Durham/Cary/Raleigh area to promote healing and improve the quality of life through music. As a music student, I hope to participate in this organization not only through performing my music, but through building a website for them. 

Submitted byshelbyld on Thu, 01/25/2018 - 21:01

The domain name of my website is http://www.shelbysportfolio.com/. I ended up picking this domain because I didn't necessarily want my last name in the domain just in case I'm not quite happy with the outcome, but do have several projects that I believe I could add and use for as a personal/professional portfolio page. Maybe it's because I'm a senior and in the job search process, but I didn't want any "wacky-ish" names in my domain in case employers do searches on me as I try and find my next step.

Submitted bycnd19 on Sat, 01/27/2018 - 17:56

The domain of my website is nclaire.com. I was looking for a url that would be representative of me professionally and somewhat personally. When clairedavis.com was not available (for less than $2488), I decided to play around with my initials. Finally, I settled on nclaire because the 'n' stands for Nicole, which is my middle name. Additionally, the first two letters, 'nc' are indicative of my location. I was born and raised in North Carolina and now attend UNC Chapel Hill. 

Submitted byColemanchester on Mon, 01/29/2018 - 18:36

The website domain that I chose was colemanchester.com. The reason that I chose this was because with a website with my name in it, I can have a mixture of professional, and personal. My name is a little long, "Coleman Manchester" so I decided to combine the end of my name, "man" with the beginning of my last name "man". I hope to use the website to present personal programming projects, my resume, and present photography of mine.

Submitted byads4798 on Mon, 01/29/2018 - 21:31

The name of my domain is shepspot.com. After realizing that AndrewSheppard.com was taken, the main thing I was looking for a was a short and memorable name that still had a little bit to do about me. My website will mainly be an easy way to find my portfolio and the audio of the podcast that I will be making for this class. 

Submitted byBen Perez on Tue, 01/30/2018 - 18:06

My domain is suite450.com. I chose this domain because this because my name was taken and this is my suite number this year. This domain allowed me to still use a personal touch with naming my domain, even though my name was unavailable.

Submitted byryanharper10 on Thu, 03/22/2018 - 03:54

The domain for my website is called ryangharper.com. I chose this name because it is my name with my middle initial and is easily identifiable as my own. With my name in the website I portray a sense of confidence and professionalism. I plan to put up my resume and my final products from this course.

Submitted byhannah_alphin on Fri, 05/04/2018 - 04:55

My website domain is hannahalphin.wordpress.com. I chose this domain because it is easy for people to remember and has a professional tone. Also, using my own name gives me the flexibility to post whatever content I want on my website.