Working collaboratively, create a package of publicity items for a product. You will also give a group presentation at the end of the semester. The package should include at least three publicity artifacts:

  1. An app prototype
  2. A designed document (e.g, formal proposal, brochure, e-book, etc.)
  3. Your choice of an additional item (e.g., a web site, a video, a brochure, an e-book, etc.)

You will be able to repurpose a good deal of the content among the various projects, so the team will want to share assets using Adobe Creative Cloud. It will likely be best for one member of the group to create a folder for assets, and then share that with the other members of the group.

Your first tasks are due by the end of class on Tuesday, March 27th:

First, identify the project your group will work on. There are two options: 1) you can select one of the products already imagined by one of the members of your group. You will need to make sure that person is comfortable with the selection. If not, you can choose a different product; 2) you can create materials for an organization or entity--e.g., a local club, a campus group.

Next, identify the three items that you will produce for the campaign. Begin by exploring some of the options for the designed document, using InDesign. Think about the content that you might need as you make decisions; for instance, if you develop and design a proposal or research brief about the product, you will have content you can repurpose for apps or brochures, etc.; if you decide to create an e-book, you are likely going to need additional content, etc. Think about the skills and interests of the members of the group as well. Take some time in class, and come up with specific genres for this list of products: 1) app, 2) designed document, 3) final item.

Next, assign at least two people to work on each of the products. Look for a good mix of skills and interests.

Finally, develop a work plan with milestones for all of the products. You plan should list those responsible for each product and have a milestone for every class period for the rest of the semester. Milestones should include checkpoints for getting feedback from the other members of your group. Check the schedule, while developing this to make sure you meet draft deadlines.

By the end of class on the 27th, you will submit your workplace on the web site.

The remaining tasks are to be accomplished during the remaining duration of the semester. Below are details about each:

Develop an app prototype  (Draft due April 3)

Design a document (Draft due April 5th)

Develop a third publicity item (Draft due April 10). You have a good bit of leeway with this aspect of the package. You can select any genre of publicity item that does not repeat the app or the document that you design. You can choose a different kind of document. Or you might aim for something that you already have experience with--a video or web page, etc.

Deliver a presentation (Due April 24 and 26). Deliver a group presentation of 10-15 minutes. Every member of the group should participate in the presentation. You can model this on the individual presentation you have delivered--i.e., pitching the product to potential funders. Or you can come up with a different model--e.g., a panel discussion of your process that looks at aspects of business composing or education. Other options are fine as well. Just make sure everyone has a role and the performance is between 10-15 minutes.

The final task is due by the end of class on April 26th:

First, revise the three projects that you have created for your group project. Use the feedback you have received. When finished, open the posting for the Group Product, and then edit the posting to add your second drafts.

Finally, working with your group, create a showcase that highlights aspects of your group's product. Use the Product posting type on our web site. In the posting, take the composing strategies that you have used for your portfolio to combine the media elements and provide discussion about the group product. There will be four media elements--the three projects related to the product and potential presentation materials. You can integrate these by using embed codes, links, images, and other design elements. Add a few sentence introducing readers to the product at the opening. Add a few sentences that situate the four elements and shed more light on the product. Keep the text short, and focus on design and creating a compelling compilation of the final versions of your projects, with just enough discussion to flesh out key points and provide context.

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