Sweetly Sweat

Amy, Blake, Caleece, Jada, Matt, and Smitha


Sweetly Sweat is a lotion product that chemically eliminates body odor and makes even the most odorous person alive smell delightful. It’s significantly more effective than deodorant and lasts longer as well! Additionally, Sweetly Sweat can be applied anywhere on the body for maximum coverage.


To promote our product, we created three materials: a phone app, a flyer, and a video advertisement.


The phone app is a “shooting” game. The player touches the lotion bottle to make lotion shoot out and hit people on the screen, thereby removing their odor. Below is a preliminary interactive version of the app.

Sweetly Sweat App


The flyer was the paper product of choice. It is one page, front and back, and was created using Illustrator and InDesign. The flyer features humorous commentary and reviews to capture the viewer’s attention and a yes/no survey to guide readers towards Sweetly Sweat.

Sweetly Sweat Flyer


Finally, the advertisement worked to bring it all together. Elements of humor shone through while keeping true to the original, individual advertisement created earlier in the class.

Sweetly Sweat Advertisement