LowKey is the world's first smart key chain. It has a fully modular design which allows the user to customize their key chain so that it is more compact than other key chains but at the same time more functional. It includes a Bluetooth connection to the user's phone so that he or she can track their keys' location through an app if the keys are lost. 

To learn more about the LowKey, visit our website. Here you can buy the LowKey or any of its accessories, and you can contact us with any questions or concerns. 


The app also allows you to purchase the LowKey and its accessories. Additionally, you can pair your device with your key chain through Bluetooth and track the location of your keys. 


All the information you need to know about the product is detailed in the brochure, which you can view here. It includes information about the LowKey and its capabilities, as well as information about its creators.