Purpose of Product

Lines suck. The Digital OneCard introduces a convenient solution for speeding up lines in the dining hall. Instead of having to wait for people to get their OneCard out, now you can use whats already in your hand: your phone.  Simply pull up the app on the phone and scan. The Digital OneCard app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for Free, ensuring that it is available for all at UNC.



The Digital OneCard App can be used to check your meal swipes, plus swipes, flex balance, convenience account, and CCI printing balance. Not only does the Digital OneCard make your life convenient, but it can also substitute your OneCard if you lose your physical card. To use the Digital OneCard at the dining hall, simply open the app on your phone and scan the barcode with the mobile payment register.



This brochure is a great way for people to learn about the vision and functionality of the Digital One Card. It is a very simple design to emphasize the key components of the product. By keeping it from being too wordy, we hope to fully engage the reader. We also make it clear that it will be accessible to any and every UNC student without much hassle. CDS has the technology in place and the app works for all types of smartphones. The brochure serves as an informative medium for sharing the Digital One Card to UNC students.




Video Advertisement  

The team at Digital OneCard created an advertisement to popularize the idea of having a quicker, virtual way of accessing your One Card on campus.  Our advertisement is tailored to UNC students. They are addressed directly in the opening moments and the included footage and message are designed to be relatable.  We included footage from popular and iconic places on campus, such as the Old Well, the Bell Tower, Polk Place, and Lenoir Dining Hall.  The relatable problem we establish in our advertisement discusses the long lines many UNC students experience while waiting for food in the various dining halls.  The short timing, engaging music, and upbeat tempo of the advertisement are designed to keep students engaged and to create excitement for our product.  Please see below to view our advertisement!