Create a portfolio video that captures one or two key learning outcomes related to your work in this class. You can take two possible approaches: 1) create a video about one of your projects or 2) create a video that includes multiple projects. Regardless of the number of projects you include, think of this as an opportunity to make a video about a theme related to learning, and then to use the work on the projects as evidence or prompts to help discuss the theme.

The video can still do some of the work related to the first portfolio video--providing a "walkthrough" that will help people understand your composing and revising processes, but be sure to keep the focus on the learning or growth you have experienced. Most videos will be 4-5 minutes in length. If you have a large number of points to make, take the time you need, but don't go over 8 minutes. 

Before starting, review the feedback you received on your first video and look over the videos and feedback of peers. Consider the strategies these videos use to capture processes and tell a learning story.

For this video, you should also do some initial planning. You can use a storyboard or create an outline of other planning document(s). You may want to develop a script. Or you may want to combine drafting with transcripts and revisions to tighten the narration and bring out key points.

Also, use aspects of screen capturing and video editing to create a compelling visual track. You might make an effort to play some of the materials you are revising to help demonstrate them--weaving your narration around the playing of media materials. You can also just experiment with some of video editing tools--animations, masking, new ways of weaving in callouts, etc. And keep in mind the benefits of identifying key materials and cutting and editing to create "scenes" around them--as opposed to filming lengthy segments of scrolling, etc.

Finally, spend some time on the technical aspects of the project. Aim to capture audio that has an appropriate tone and audio quality. Check for glitches or problems with the audio levels. Use transitions, sound effects, music, or other elements to create a nice flow between materials. Fix any major issues that come up and spend some time polishing the piece.

Post your videos using the Portfolio Video Two option before class on the day of our final..

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