Professional Web Site

Create a web site to curate and archive online projects and represent your self online. The rhetorical aspects of this project will begin with ethos. The site will be linked with your identity (both professional and personal). Strive for integrity as you make decisions about content and design that accurately captures your experiences, aptitudes and interests. Consider the ways that ethos allows for aspects of your personal identity to also be included in the site.

Compose a Web Site

This experience will play out over about fifteen weeks, and will likely be something you continue to develop for years. The goal is to create a professional web presence that can be used to share your expertise and engage with the world. There will likely be some overlap between the personal and the professional in the site you develop. You will make those decisions as you compose. You will also need to investigate some of the steps involved in creating the pages for the site and in moving them to your Web server. Here are the steps:

Part 1 Adobe Muse

Social Media Accounts

In many ways, social media have become--to use the formulation of media scholar Susan Bordo--like water in a fishbowl. In this analogy, we often fail to recognize the ways the social media surrounding us shape our existence; they are the water and we are the fish. But it's possible to do more than simply swim with (or even against) the current. In this experience, you will create several social media presences that represent your personal/professional online presence.

Create a Domain

What's in a domain? Quite a bit, actually. An internet address (like is really a marker for all kinds of associated technology and activities. First, there are servers--some that host web sites and others that point traffic. Second, there are related internet accounts and services--Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, etc. Third, there's a host of composing activities and technical construction needed for any site. There's even the name of the domain itself to think about. This experience will get you started. 

Product Pitch

This set of activities will guide you through initial thinking about a product that you might develop. Our goal is to use the opportunity to practice the kinds of writing that are associated with products. A good first step is taking a broad view of what might be considered a product. For instance, in the article on Digital Strategies, Tom Standage suggests that creating a feeling is what is being "sold" by the digital arm of The Economist, outlining a case where content as well as the service of filtering and distilling information is the product.