Professional Web Site

Create a web site to curate and archive online projects and represent your self online. The rhetorical aspects of this project will begin with ethos. The site will be linked with your identity (both professional and personal). Strive for integrity as you make decisions about content and design that accurately captures your experiences, aptitudes and interests. Consider the ways that ethos allows for aspects of your personal identity to also be included in the site.

Portfolio Video 2

Create a portfolio video that captures one or two key learning outcomes related to your work in this class. You can take two possible approaches: 1) create a video about one of your projects or 2) create a video that includes multiple projects. Regardless of the number of projects you include, think of this as an opportunity to make a video about a theme related to learning, and then to use the work on the projects as evidence or prompts to help discuss the theme.

Create a Video Advertisement

Create a 30 or 60 second video advertisement for your product. This activity will engage you with video-based composing. We will be using a basic video editing that also allows you to capture materials on your screen--Camtasia. If you wish to use another video editor, you are more than welcome to do so. The instructions below will guide us through the basics with Camtasia. 

First, we will need to install the Camtasia program. Please don't just download any version of the program. Instead we will work with some beta versions that have free trials. Use the links below:

Product Pitch

This set of activities will guide you through initial thinking about a product that you might develop. Our goal is to use the opportunity to practice the kinds of writing that are associated with products. A good first step is taking a broad view of what might be considered a product. For instance, in the article on Digital Strategies, Tom Standage suggests that creating a feeling is what is being "sold" by the digital arm of The Economist, outlining a case where content as well as the service of filtering and distilling information is the product.

Portfolio Video 1

Create a portfolio video for one of your major projects in the class so far--professional web site, product proposal, or product advertisement. The video should provide a "walkthrough" that will help people understand your composing and revising processes and the learning or growth you have experienced. These videos tend to stretch out in time, so see if you can keep the duration at around 4-5 minutes. If you have a large number of points to make, take the time you need, but don't go over 8 minutes in length.

To get a sense of what you might create, consider these examples:

Personal Brand

In this activity, you will develop projects that represent your personal and professional interests. You may already have some of these materials--e.g., a resume. However, you can use what you've learned about business communication and design to make them as compelling as possible. Although you will likely draft and revise these items for the rest of the semester (and should capture artifacts of them for potential reflection), you will only formally submit final versions of these projects by the last day of class--April 26th.